English Test (Form V)

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English Test (Form V)

Variant I

  1. Fill in the table

















  1. Open the brackets and use the right tense

      1. They just (to arrive) at the airport.

      2. My grandparents (to be going to) visit us very soon.

      3. My nephew ( to read) a book at the moment. And his parents (to watch) TV.

      4. The teacher (to explain) the rule now but her students (not to understand) it.

      5. He usually (to ride) his bike on Sundays.

      6. They (buy) this car a week ago?

3.Transform the sentences and use the construction “used to”

1) They read detective stories long ago but now they don't.

2) We ate a lot of ice cream when we were seven.

3) She wore jeans when she was a little girl.

4) They had long hair many years ago.

5) My friend told me fairy tales when I was a child.

6) My uncle sent me a lot of presents every Christmas.

^ 4. Translate the words into English

икра консервативный исследование

ученый академик подниматься

научный длина садиться

космос билетная касса столица

билет в один конец прибытие отъезд

университет разделять рассвет

English test Form V

Variant II

1. Fill in the table













Great Britain




  1. Open the brackets and use the right tense

      1. She (buy) this dress a month ago?

      2. She often (drink) milk in the evenings.

      3. Her friends (not to want) to go to the cinema now.

      4. My cousin (to be going to) study Italian very soon.

      5. She already (to cook) this soup.

      6. My mother (to watch TV) and my brother (to repair) his bike at the moment.

  1. Transform the sentences and use the construction “used to”

1) They spent summer in the mountains long ago but now they don't.

2) We bought a lot of comics when we were ten.

3) She sent me letters from Britain every summer.

4) They had long holidays when they were pupils.

5) My friend told me different stories when I was six.

6) My uncle worked in the capital city long ago.

^ 4. Translate the words into English

академик щирина ученый

космический корабль икра садиться

исследовать закат отъезд

космос билет в один конец наука

бронировать разделять университет

подниматься любопытный прибытие

Keys: Variant I

    1. Canada , Ottawa, English

    2. Delhi, English, Hindi , Indian

    3. Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnamese

    4. Great Britain, English, English

    5. Washington D.C., English, American

    6. Spain, Madrid, Spanish

    7. Italy, Rome, Italian

    8. Canberra, English, Australian

    9. France, Paris, French

    10. Egypt, Cairo, Arabic

    11. China, Chinese, Chinese

    12. Russia, Moscow, Russian

  1. 1) Have arrived; 2) are going to; 3) is reading; are watching; 4) is explaining;

don’t understand; 5) rides; 6) did they buy;

  1. 1) They used to read…; 2) We used to eat… 3) She used to wear…; 4) They used to have…; 5) My friend used to tell me…; 6) My uncle used to send …;

  1. Caviar, scientist, scientific, space, one way ticket, university, conservative, academician, length, booking-office, arrival, to divide, exploration, to rise, to set, capital, departure, sunrise.

Variant II

1.India, Delhi, Hindi

2. Paris, French, French

3. China, Peking, Chinese

4. Russia, Russian, Russian

5. Madrid, Spanish, Spanish

6. Canada, Canberra, English

7. Italy, Rome, Italian

8. Australia, English, Australian

9. London, English, English

10. The USA, Washington D.C., English

11. Egypt, Cairo, Egyptian

12. Vietnam, Vietnamese, Vietnamese

  1. 1) Did she buy; 2) drinks; 3) don’t want; 4) is going; 5) has cooked; 6) is watching, is repairing;

  2. 1) They used to spend….; 2) We used to buy…; 3) She used to send…; 4) They used to have…; 5) My friend used to tell…; 6) My uncle used to work…;

  1. Academician, spaceship, to explore, space, to book, to rise, width, caviar, sunset, one way ticket, to divide, curious, scientist, to set, departure, science, university, arrival.

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